How to Become a Host family

Welcome to GCS Education student housing division! We have been connecting Japanese students who have seriousness and honesty in their heart with hosts who sincerely wish to support prospective students. We have been developing the student housing service programs for over four years. All students are looking forward to experiencing a real “American” culture. As the request for host families are constantly high, our goal is to search hosts who desire to accept a student for a certain time period and provide the best housing service for both students and hosts.
Our responsibilities include visiting potential host families and conduct an evaluation process based on specifications we provide. Once a host family is suitable, we will choose a student who will be the best match for the host family. All we would like to ask all host families is to make a student feel as if he/she were at home. Needless to say, cozy room and healthy meals (breakfast and dinner) must be provided. Home-made meals would be much more appreciated even in a few times a week.

Becoming a host family is such an exciting opportunity for any house who wants to have the kind of cultural, emotional, intellectual wealth, which is unquestionably priceless! When host families and students successfully establish a lifelong relationship, visiting their home country and meet their family is often happening. If you wish to experience this kind of adventure, please contact us.

We will help you how to become a host family!